Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow Day: What do principals do?

Below is a video I made about Snow Day principal work.  It's meant to be funny.  

But what do we actually do?  Honestly, a snow day is a godsend in the middle of the year.  I don't want many of them, but one or two is great.  We use this time to work on all the things that are hard to work on when students are in session.  Budgets, evaluation plans, review data, work on state reporting, dig into applicants, etc.  One or two snow days end up being extremely productive for a busy principal.  

I usually do a "Snow Day Article" to our staff where I will pick an instructional topic and wax poetically about it.  Folks seem to appreciate this and the feedback is usually good.  It does give me a small opportunity to discuss instructional work, which is always useful.  I align whatever I put out to the staff to areas we are currently working on.  My purpose in this is to give commentary on instructional issues facing our school.  I think it's important, critically important that the staff knows where a principal stands in regards to various topics.  It is not intended as policy, nor do I expect my staff to accept commentary as the gospel truth.  Instead i'd rather it kick off discussion.  Doing this for several years now, at three schools and a district I've been engaged in some lively discussions over topics, and I think the staff is better for it.  

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