Friday, June 16, 2017

Social Media and the Principal: Twitter, PLN and Seven Folks to Follow

In the previous post I talked about the effect of using Twitter and #KNOWmoore to showcase our students and build into our positive culture.  Besides showcasing students, and showing off the good things going on in our school, Twitter had a secondary effect that relates directly to the development of high quality staff.

The secondary effect for us, and I think one of the primary uses of twitter for the educator is the PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Twitter is loaded with thousands of educators showcasing their work, their student's work, and talking shop about the craft of education.  Through online connectivity educators can share, promote, and discuss ideas and resources to improve their skillset.  As a principal I draw ideas, inspiration, affirmation, and motivation from many colleagues online whom I've never met.
This manifested with our staff by their increase in attendance in online Twitter chats, following other educators, and learning about conferences and EdCamps they may have never heard of without twitter.  From my PE teachers sharing ideas nationwide in PE chats, to my aspiring administrators joining principal chats, to our school REPRESENTING with more folks than any other in our district chat, the positive results from utilizing twitter to increase your toolkit are manifest.  If you want a tutorial on how to partcipate in a twitter chat go here: How to Participate in a Twitter Chat.
I highly encourage all Principals to get involved on Twitter, start following folks, and put their ideas out into the world.  Our profession is better for it.
Seven folks who I think you should follow now: 
(I'll add more later)

A super inspirational Asst. Principal from Oregon who is absolutely mission focused.  Dr. Fast will get you fired up to do right by students with her continual posts about the value of students, and putting that at the front of your work.       

If you don't know who this man is and take school leadership seriously- shame on you!  Author of the Teacher 50, Principal 50 and one of the most mission driven people I have ever encountered.

Engagement specialist and all around social media queen, Ms Ratliff is perhaps one of the most connected online presences in KY.  Besides her awesome ideas, skimming through who she follows will open up many new innovators for you to track. 

Principal of #TheMount in TN, and one of the leaders of #Fitleaders, Dr. Jackson has a wide variety of innovative ideas, and does a heck of a job showcasing the brand of his school, which is the nations first P-14 STEAM Campus.  

Founded by dynamic JCPS educators who seek truth and building equitable systems.  Follow them to see wise women working for true change and social justice in our schools.

One of Moore's own, and curator of a blog for middle school teachers.  When she isn't killing it in the classroom, worth following for her ideas about pedagogy.                     

College and Career Director of Bullitt Co KY, and former colleague of mine who tweets often about leadership thoughts and the craft of building systems in schools to truly support the success of learners.

That's me.  I might be worth a look!

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